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Ohio is rich with legends and folklore, which makes it a favorite place for those seeking to learn more about history as well as hauntings. We invite you join us as we take you on a tour of Ohio's most haunted sites.

These pages will introduce you to some of the most prominent haunted structures, cemeteries, wandering spirits, and vicious rumors.

An essential component to any good ghost story is an old and creepy haunted house. In truth, appearance alone has nothing to do with a structure becoming haunted. In most cases, buildings become haunted because a person, while alive, had a significant connection with the location. In other cases, ghosts attached to an area of land have been known to move into houses that were erected on the property.

Final Resting Places
Despite what popular culture would lead one to believe, The Ghosts of Ohio have not found many cemeteries that are indeed haunted. In fact, we have found the vast majority of Ohio's cemeteries to be peaceful and tranquil areas.

However, The Ghosts of Ohio have noticed that rumors of haunted cemeteries is often the result of one or more of the following elements:

  • Violent or tragic events taking place in the cemetery
  • Unmarked graves
  • Vandalism and / or grave desecration
There are also stories which have linked certain cemeteries, especially ancient burial grounds, to porthole-type hauntings.

Wayward Spirits
While the traditional ghost story features a spirit that inhabits a house or cemetery, that is not always the case. Ghosts are said to linger on in places they were connected to in life. In some instances, the locations are ones that the ghost enjoyed visiting while alive. And in the more sinister cases, the venues mark the spot where individuals met their untimely death. The following are tales involving ghosts said to inhabit such "untraditional" places as bridges, tunnels, and even state parks.

Vicious Rumors
Please note that our intention here is not to imply that all ghost stories are fabricated. Simply put, The Ghosts of Ohio firmly believe that in order to get to the truth, we must first acknowledge that there are a large number of urban legends floating about.

If you believe you have evidence that proves any of these stories are in fact true or that we overlooked something, please let us know at

Now sit back, dim the lights, and get ready to meet some ghosts.

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