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Ohio's Email Urban Legends

Recently, two urban legends in particular have begun circulating across the Internet that name Ohio as the locale. Stranger still is that while the vast majority of urban legend e-mails are comprised of text only, both of these stories come complete with a photo.

The Car Crash Angel

This particular legend is being spread through e-mails. Accompanying the photograph is copy that often reads as follows:

The attached picture, of a car accident, is one of several that were taken by a professional police photographer. After developing the pictures of this accident scene, the officer found what looked to be some type of a "figure" in one particular picture. Thinking it was a problem with his camera or its film, he preformed tests on both. They checked out PERFECTLY!

Take a look........

Oh, I forgot to mention..........

the folks in this car.........


The Ghosts of Ohio Web site has personally received several such e-mails and has even been forwarded numerous versions from its readers. In several of these e-mails, Ohio cities have been mentioned as being the site of the photo, including Columbus, Dayton, and Coshocton.

The photograph itself appears on numerous Web sites, some of which proclaim the photograph to be "authentic". However, despite attempts by The Ghosts of Ohio, the validity of this photograph cannot be substantiated. And there is nothing to suggest that this photograph ever appeared in any news publication, including any located in Ohio.

Apart from that, the text accompanying the e-mailed photograph contains the infamous "forward this to everyone in your address book" language common with Internet urban legends, further putting the authenticity of this photograph in doubt.

The Zombie Girl

As with The Car Crash Angel, this photograph is being spread through e-mails, although at a lesser frequency. It does, however, appear on the Art Bell Web site, albeit with no description. And while the original story varies widely, the original posts stat that the photograph was taken at the site of a mass murder.

Recently, the photograph has been connected with several Ohio locations, most notably Gore Orphanage. This is despite the fact that no structure connected with the orphanage exists.

Simply by looking at the photograph, it is quite easy to see that it was intended for use with 3-D glasses. This fact alone puts the validity of the photograph, and the stories that accompany it, in question.

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