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The Satanic Cult of Cubbage Road

One of the first legends we encountered pertained to an area near the Hoover Dam. All of the ingredients for a hauntingly good time were present:

  • A small unmarked graveyard where restless spirits still roam
  • Dark, foreboding woods haunted by victims of a satanic cult
  • A secluded house where all sorts of unspeakable acts were performed
  • Eerie lights in the woods witnessed from across the dam

It all sounded too good to be true... it was.

About the only truth behind all this is that there is indeed a small cemetery in the area that is not listed on the map. However, the cemetery is clearly visible and bears the name of a local church. Aside from a few older stones, most of the graves are recent. None of the graves appeared out of the ordinary and at present time, no concrete evidence has been unearthed (sorry) about there being any recorded instances of activity.

Directly across the street from the cemetery is a fenced, wooded area heavily posted as private property. Tacked to the gate in front of a long, winding dirt road is a letter from the property’s owner, alerting "thrill seekers" to the fact that there's no satanic cult lurking in the woods on the property; only a small, one-bedroom house.

The note went on to say that the owner simply wants to enjoy his privacy, but has constantly been bothered by people marching across his land in search of devil worshippers. And while the tone of the letter was lighthearted, even mentioning the fact that the owner doesn’t even own a Judas Priest album, the message was clear; the residents are tired of having people harass them.

In conclusion, there was no evidence found to suggest that anything satanic or supernatural is taking place in these woods. In fact, the area has such "non-satanic" features as a nature trail and even a frisbee golf course. So unless catching a glimpse of the ghostly light from a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee gives you chills, the Ghosts of Ohio would ask anyone reading this to allow the legend of Cubbage Road to be put to rest... and let the residents live in peace.

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