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Reid Hall: Miami University

Nestled within the confines of Miami University is Reid Hall--a building long-rumored to be haunted. And while many universities boast of having haunted buildings, the alleged ghost of Reid Hall was born from an actual murder that took place there over 40 years ago.

On the night of May 9th, 1959, an argument between two men broke out in Reid Hall. Roger Sayles, a Reid Hall RA, interceded and tried to break up the fight. His attempts failed, however, and one of the men drew a gun. What happened next is unclear, but it ended with Sayles being fatally shot. His assailant fled to the second floor of nearby Ogden Hall, where he committed suicide with the same gun used to kill Sayles.

It is said that immediately after being shot, Sayles fell against a door, leaving bloody handprints behind. Some say that to this day, those handprints are still visible and refuse to fade away. There are also reports of strange noises being heard coming from the area of the tragic argument.

As to whether or not these bloody handprints truly remain, the topic is open to debate and former students interviewed by The Ghosts of Ohio were split. Some swore that the handprints were indeed there, while others claimed it was merely an illusion caused by staring at something for too long. Still others said there was nothing there at all. And to the point that the prints "refuse" to fade, some students claimed that shortly after the murder, a new coat of varnish was applied to the door, sealing whatever marks were on the door in.

Likewise, there is debate over the unexplained noises. Most of the students interviewed stated that they believed these stories were simply "made up" in an attempt to frighten people. However, they all agreed that, even if the ghost stories weren't true, the fact that a student lost his life in the building was "creepy".

Update: in late 2007, Reid Hall was demolished.

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