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Blue Flame Ghost

As the story goes, in the 1930s, there was a lively young woman who lived in Sugar Grove. She was a happy, vibrant girl who was well liked by everyone. But all that changed when she became engaged to a young man with a reputation for being hot-tempered. Indeed, the young couple was often seen in town having fierce arguments. Over time, the people of the town began to notice a change in the young woman. She never smiled anymore, and she began to grow cold and distant.

One night, the young couple was parked beside the Hummel covered bridge. A bitter argument broke out, and in a fit of anger, the young woman pulled a knife from her purse and stabbed her fiancé in the throat. Blinded by rage, the woman continued slashing until the man’s head was severed.

The woman, bleeding severely, then staggered back down the hill, still carrying her fiancé’s head. She eventually collapsed and died near the bottom of the hill, where her body was found the next day, alongside her fiancé’s head.

In recent times, the covered bridge was torn down and replaced by a concrete one. But there are those who claim that on certain nights, if one stands on the bridge and calls out the young woman’s name, a glowing blue form in the shape of a woman will appear at the top of the hill and slowly move towards you.

Note: An interesting part of this story is that in most versions, the women (and her fiancé) are never named. This makes it rather hard to get her ghost to appear, since you need to call her name. However, we were able to find three possible names for her. Alas, even though all three were called out while standing on this lonely bridge in the middle of the night, she never made an appearance. We decided to post the daylight pictures here since the nighttime ones did not reveal anything not visible in the "brighter" shots.

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