Ghosts of Ohio
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Stoney Creek Cemetery

In 1825, the local caretaker of Stoney Creek Cemetery in Adams County made a shocking discovery. Lying at the base of a large tree was the body of a young man. When authorities arrived, it didnít take them long to determine the cause of death; the head was missing.

There was also a lack of blood evidence in the area surrounding the body, which led police to determine the murder had been committed elsewhere and the body was later dumped in the cemetery. The lack of blood may have been what gave rise to the story that the head had not been removed by way of a sharp object. Rather, that some unseen force had ripped the head cleanly from the body.

Regardless of how the head managed to free itself from its body, police had little to go on. Unable to identify the deceased, the case remained open and unsolved for many years. Eventually, it just faded into obscurity.

But there are those who still believe that on certain nights, a strange shape appears under a tree in Stoney Creek Cemetery. Some say that it is the ghost of the still unidentified man who was brutally murdered long ago. Perhaps this poor soul continues to appear in the hopes that one day someone will be able to identify him and finally bring him peace.

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