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Woolybooger Cemetery

Teetering on the verge of falling over onto our Vicious Rumors page is where you will find the strange and perplexing tale of Woolybooger Cemetery. Indeed, the only reason this story hasn't found its way onto the aforementioned page is because The Ghosts of Ohio have yet to find any concrete evidence of... well, of anything! Perhaps most importantly, who (or what) is supposed to haunt this cemetery.

Situated along Big Darky Creek is a small cemetery that, for reasons yet unknown, has come to be referred to by locals as Woolyoorger Cemetery. Although during the course of our investigation, others called it the Woolyburger. Interestingly enough, while everyone we spoke with knew of the cemetery and that it was haunted, no one could tell us why. But the most common response was that strange flashing lights were seen in the cemetery late at night, as well as strange noises.

Another common story we were told centered around the all-too-familiar reference to a "satanic cult" that worshipped in the cemetery. There were even two teenagers who swore that the cemetery got its name because it was home to a woolybooger, which they described as some kind of Bigfoot-like creature. They also stated that "woolybooger" is a term used in North Carolina to refer to Bigfoot.

We uncovered no evidence to suggest that there is any cult-like activity currently being conducted in the cemetery. In fact, the cemetery if fairly well-maintained for one sitting off the main road. And even if we were able to find evidence of such a group, no one we spoke to connected this mysterious cult with ghostly activity in the cemetery.

During subsequent visits to the cemetery, our equipment failed to pick up any readings out of the ordinary. This is not to say that there is no ghostly activity taking place in the cemetery. Rather, without having information related to who haunts the cemetery, The Ghosts of Ohio is unable to determine the best times to visit.

Concerning the Bigfoot connection, The Ghosts of Ohio contacted several of the leading Ohio Bigfoot organizations and were unable to obtain any reports of Bigfoot sightings in the nearby area.

And as for the enigmatic name of the cemetery, The Ghosts of Ohio discovered something interesting during the course of our investigation. It appears as though "woolybooger" is the name of a type of lure used in fly fishing. And indeed, since the cemetery sits right next to Big Darby Creek, a popular fishing spot, the name may have sprung from the minds of a few late-night anglers. These fishermen, perhaps armed with flashlights, may also account for the reports of strange lights in the woods near the cemetery. Is there a connection? It's hard to say. But then again, it's hard to say anything about the Woolyooger Cemetery with any certainty.

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