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Buxton Inn

Known as one of the oldest continually operating inns in Ohio, The Buxton Inn was built in 1812 by Orin Granger and served as a post office and stagecoach stop. Stagecoach drivers would often stay in the basement, where they were permitted to cook, eat, and sleep.

In the mid 1800s, Major Buxton, after whom the inn is named, assumed control of the establishment and ran the operation until shortly after the turn of the century. After Major Buxton, Bonnie Bounell was the innkeeper up until the time of her death in the 1960s.

There are several ghosts that are alleged to haunt the Buxton Inn, many of which are former owners or innkeepers. However, strange knockings have been heard in the Innís basement, where the stagecoach drivers often stayed. The basement door is also known to open and close by itself and there are reports of footsteps heard walking up and down the staircase.

Orin Granger, the original owner, is also said to make appearances at the Inn. He is described as an elderly man wearing old-fashioned white or blue breeches. He has even been accused of stealing pies from the downstairs pantry!

Another of the former owners, Major Buxton, is also reported to have taken up residence at the Inn. His spirit is described as a shadowy figure that is seen throughout the house, although he is most often spotted sitting in the dining room. Although the apparition is shadowy, guests have no trouble recognizing it as Major Buxton, perhaps aided by the large portrait of the Major that hangs in the Inn.

Yet another former owner who has chosen to return is Bonnie Bounell. Her spirit is often referred to as the "Lady in Blue", based on her often appearing wearing a blue dress. Ms. Bounell died in room number nine of the Inn, so it is not surprising that her spirit is seen most often here. However, she is also known to frequent the other areas of the Inn, often preceded by the sweet smell of perfume.

A final ghostly guest is that of a phantom cat. This ghost is often seen wandering the hallways and even entering some of the rooms. And while the true identity of this cat may never be known, it is interesting to note that the large sign hanging outside the Buxton Inn features a large, gray cat.

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